Bad news has just surfaced regarding the live-action DC comic adaptation, Jonah HexMark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were originally set as both the screenwriters and directors of the film, but according to Variety this is no longer the case. Even though the screenplay has already been written by the two, their spot in the director’s chair is now up for grabs. What’s their reasoning for leaving the directors position?

They stated it was because of “creative differences.” Neveldine and Taylor are best known for writing and directing the 2006 Jason Statham action flick, Crank.

The studio is now scrambling to find someone to replace Neveldine and Taylor as soon as possible, but no one has been named just yet. In the DC comic Jonah Hex is a disfigured veteran of the Confederate Army, turned bounty hunter in the Southwest. Executives are looking to cast actor Josh Brolin (W., No Country for Old Men) in the lead as Hex, and are shooting towards a 2010 release date.