Above is the poster just released by IMPAwards for the new film Moon starring Sam Rockwell.

The film is about, Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) an astronaut nearing the end of his three-year contract with Lunar. He has had to live by himself on the moon Selene, to mine for Helium 3 which holds the key to preserving earth. Two weeks shy of his homecoming, Sam starts to see and hear things.

A routine extraction goes horribly wrong and he discovers that Lunar have their own plans for replacing him and the new recruit is eerily familiar. Before he can return to Earth, Sam has to confront himself and the discovery that the life he has created, may not be his own. It’s more than his contract that is set to expire.

Sounds like fun! Sadly we have no idea when it will be hitting theaters, but we’ll let you know when we find out!

Check out some pictures of the film that were posted by /Film below…