Looking at family films in recent years, there seems to be a rise in utilizing 3-D technology. According to a recent report by the AP, the rise is going to continue if Disney, Dreamworks, and 20th Century Fox have anything to to do with it.

3-D technology was at one time known as a staple of the 1950′s (other than a quick resurgence in the 1980s), yet after seeing films such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, and Fly Me to the Moon this year, it’s apparent something’s up.

Dreamworks Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg spoke recently at the 3-D Festival in Singapore, announcing the plans to make all movies in 3-D in five to seven years, believing 3-D glasses would become so necessary in this time that everyone would have a pair, making them “a fashion statement.”

The problem at this point is not enough theaters are equipped for showings of 3-D films, but Disney plans to subsidize theaters to make the conversion to digital, then to 3-D. With currently only 1,400 of the 30,000 screens 3-D ready at the present time, it could be a very lofty goal.

Until then, here’s what you can find in 3-D in the near future, if you’re lucky to have a theater equipped with 3-D near you. Bolt opening this coming weekend, Jonas Brothers’ “Burning Up” 3D Concert Movie and Monsters vs. Aliens opening next year, Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, and even portions of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be shown in 3-D.

More 3-D Films in 2009:

  • May 22nd 2009: James Cameron’s Avatar
  • October 2009: Tim Burton’s re-release of The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • November 6th 2009: A Christmas Carol – Not publicly confirmed…yet.
  • November 20th 2009: How to Train Your Dragon
  • Crood Awakening

Photo Courtesy of Disney