Who saw the 2006 Korean thriller The Host, originally titled Gwoemul in Korea? It was pretty awesome. In fact it brought in record-breaking numbers during it’s run in South Korea. At times the film is completely ridiculous, but REALLY great. I guess Universal Pictures and Gore Verbinski (Pirates I,II, III and The Ring) saw the same thing I did, because they’re planning on remaking Bong Joon-Ho’s masterpiece. They will be giving commercial director Fredrik Bond, his first chance at a feature and will be hiring Mark Poirier (Smart People) as the scribe.

The story follows a town terrorized by a giant mutant squid/horse/dinosaur-like creature hatched by toxins that flow into a nearby river from a military base. When the creature grabs a little girl, her dysfunctional family must band together to rescue her. The rest of the story takes you through sewers, corrupt government, and in and out of monster intestines. Fun!

Definitely check out the original before the remake!