It was recently spotted that Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was not being shot with 3D cameras, although that doesn’t mean that you won’t be seeing the film in 3-D.  MarketSaw is reporting that Tim Burton is not shooting any scenes using 3D cameras, instead he will be converting the scenes from 2-D to 3-D which is a much more painful, possibly expensive, and lengthy way of doing it. So why do it that way?
Neil Feldman of In-Three says:

When you convert 2D to 3D in post, you have ‘much more latitude in creating the very highest quality 3D experience’ because they ‘have complete control in the post process’…

“Too much time setting up shots on location. Too much hassle to learn new tricks. Too much worry that when you go into post the scenes will not work together.” And on cost: “Depends on the nature of the content. Generally it is within the same cost or slightly cheaper. It is definitely cheaper if there are lots of special effects or difficult setups on location. Anyway, we advocate a hybrid approach for those who are traditionalists. That is, go ahead and shoot dual camera but then Dimensionalize and/or fix those shots/edits that don’t work.”

So it looks like the film will be seen just not shot in 3-D. What do you think?

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