King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters, was a 2007 documentary that chronicled two gamers and their battle for video game supremacy. The film was directed by Seth Gordon, and became a cult classic amongst those submerged in the gaming culture.  The underground buzz it accumulated brought it to the attention of production studio New Line Cinema, who wanted to bring the film to a broader audience. Not only will they aid Kong by giving it a wider distribution, but they also want to make a narrative version of it too! New Line wants to keep it all in the family by tapping Gordon to direct again, and according to he wants to keep certain elements of the documentary alive and well.

“We’re going to try, if we can, to really reference and use the documentary where possible,” Gordon adds. “To me it’s about not compromising the original, if we can help it.”

Sounds like he wants to stay true to original, and you can never go wrong with that. You’ve got to keep the Fanboys happy.