“Hellboy II: The Curse of the Golden Army”

Starring: Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, David Hyde Pierce, and Jeffrey Tambor

This was an odd sequel. Not odd in its plot, or story, or characters (though they are quite odd), odd in that it was made at all. Its predecessor didn’t even clear $100 million at the worldwide box office, making this about as necessary a sequel as the now “Transporter” trilogy. This film didn’t perform too well either only making $140 million around the world. So there probably won’t be a “Hellboy III”.

Despite its lukewarm showing at the theaters, this film is getting the full DVD treatment as it getting both a 3-disc special edition and a collector’s set created in its honor. So you can watch Hellboy battle Nuada and the titular army alongside action figures!

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

Starring: Nobody from any previous “Star Wars” film.

The astonishing thing about this movie isn’t the horrible animation or its overall terribleness, it’s that a “Star Wars” movie came out and absolutely nobody cared. Did you really think you’d see a day when George Lucas put a new chapter of this saga on the big screen and it was met with about as much fanfare as the Uwe Boll movie? Well it happened, and now you can take that ennui home on either a 2-disc special edition or a bare bones version.


“This Christmas” – Starring: Delroy Lindo, Chris Brown, Idris Elba, and Loretta Devine – Learn MoreBuy Now


“The Sopranos: The Complete Series”

It seems the Christmas shopping season has officially begun as HBO drops this massive 33 disc set on shelves everywhere. Now you can enjoy every moment from the ducks leaving Tony’s pool to that controversial black screen.

Speaking of the black screen – it’s time to put that to rest once and for all. With the cut to black, David Chase was making a thematic statement and reinforcing the crux of his show. This was never a show about the mafia, or the FBI, or crime, or anything like that – it was always a show dealing with how pursuing the American dream through work can cause detachment and in Tony’s case, he feared losing his family.

In this moment at the end of the series, Tony had just put his family through its most trying time as Phil Leotardo was killing his entire crew. Despite this, the moment in the restaurant Tony sat alone and saw his family coming back to him. The moment Tony saw Meadow enter the door, he new that he’d never lose his family thus answering the question established in the show’s very first episode. Everything that happened after that moment is immaterial to the true theme of the show. Chase went a little gimmicky in demonstrating this, but it definitely made his statement stick.

OK, enough “Sopranos” analysis, here’s what other TV shows are hitting DVD this week:

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  • “M*A*S*H” – Every Season – Buy Now
  • “Scrubs” – The Complete 7th Season – Buy Now
  • “The Cosby Show” – 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition – Buy Now
  • “Tracy Ullman’s State of the Union” – Complete First Season – Buy Now


“The Boys in the Band”

To go along with the landmark Presidential election, enjoy a landmark film. This groundbreaking movie was the first Hollywood film to openly deal with homosexuals. It’s based on a play, and doesn’t really depart from the source material as it takes place almost entirely in one room during a birthday party, but it’s a fine movie nonetheless and in the wake of the passing of Prop 8, those who support civil rights can take solace in the first time Hollywood chose not to mock gay men.

The DVD is loaded with features including audio commentary; interviews with director Friedkin, playwright/screenwriter Crowley, Executive Producer Dominick Dunne, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tony Kushner, and two of the surviving cast members, Peter White and Laurence Luckinbill; and a retrospective look at both the off-Broadway 1968 play and 1970 film.


  • “Sabrina” – The Centennial Collection – Buy Now
  • “Sunset Boulevard” – The Centennial Collection – Buy Now
  • “Roman Holiday” – The Centennial Collection – Buy Now


Beer For My Horses

Yes, Toby Keith has made a movie based on this song. Yes, he’s the star. Yes, he plays a sheriff who chases drug lord kidnappers across the country to reclaim his friend’s girlfriend. Yes, Ted Nugent plays a character named “Skunk”. Need anymore reasons to go buy it? Didn’t think so.