I have to say I love Daniel Craig as Bond. My only warning is that his eyes are so blue it’s best if you don’t sit in the first 10 rows. They might melt your soul. If you’re worried about spoilers, don’t be. I won’t even give you the basic synopsis like everyone else. I think the more you know about what actually happens in the film the worse off you are.

Instead let’s talk about the film itself. There have been a number of films this year with a lot of promise that did not live up to expectations. You walk out of the theater, thinking it was good, but that the trailer was far more enjoyable. This is one of the first films that follows through on it’s promise. You walk out of the theater knowing you just saw something awesome. There may be some problems, but you really don’t care because it was just so much fun to watch.

Some people have been saying that Quantum of Solace is not on the same level as Casino Royale. I think the problem is that Casino Royale’s style caught everyone offguard, and this time it simply follows through with what it started. This is a solid film. Yes, some of the actions sequences are a little hard to follow (it looks like the first and second unit weren’t entirely on the same page) BUT they were so much fun that it didn’t really matter.

Anyone who complains about this film is really just like a drunk guy in a bar that is trying to start a fight, there’s no reason behind it, just anger that they can’t enjoy themselves like everyone else.

Director Marc Forster does a good job at keeping massive amounts story lines all nicely packed in one neat action bundle. The film overall looks amazing. The dark tones, the stunning wide shots, and of course the overall crisp feel that Casino Royale had that makes the film feel very…well…very Bond. The film clips right along, never slowing down. I personally would have liked another 10 minutes of film, but was satisfyed with what I got.

Olga Kurylenko did a good job as a mysterious, tortured Bond girl (aren’t they all in some way?) and Gemma Arterton really stole the few scenes she was in. There definitely needed to be some more Bond girl scenes. I love the catchy lines and Daniel Craig delivers them SO well. Judi Dench is and always will be the best Bond woman though. She manages to wring the humor out of every scene while remaining truly love-able. Mathieu Amalric makes a great villain. Something in his eyes makes you drawn to him, he’s by no means burly, and yet quite scary.

Overall, I say go see this film. Get some popcorn and a drink and enjoy the ride. It’s a goody.

In theaters everyone November 13, 2008