Last week, the always outspoken Tim Robins complained publicly about not being able to vote, as previously reported. His polling place had no record of him as a voter, causing him to search out a judge for the proof of his eligibility.

New information has now surfaced, this time from a more reputable source than TMZ. The New York Times has stated that the elections board is calling all of Robbins’ voting difficulties his own fault.

According The NY Times, Robbins re-registered to vote with a slightly different name and a totally different address in 2004, causing his original name and address to be removed from the books and a change in polling place for him. Robbins wanted us to believe that people were not being allowed to vote in this very important election, but according to this, Robbins hasn’t voted as often as he’d like us to believe.

Robbins, of course, is disputing this information, and is getting the support of election officials at his original polling place. Rest assured, we haven’t heard the last of this.