She’s BACK! Wonder Woman, has been reportedly in the works, out of the works and then back in again for some time now. The film seems to have more trouble getting off the ground than a turkey on Thanksgiving. But, it just might! Recently, Beyonce is rumored to be after the “Wonder Woman” role, although no deals have been signed. There have also been rumbles that Megan Fox is being considered for the role. Not sure if there is any truth to that or if it’s just fan-fantasy.

Today, it is being rumored that Joseph McGinty Nichol will be directing the film.

IESB’s inside source reports:

Let me be very clear about this, I don’t know if he has been signed on or if his is just one of the names being circulated by the studio or if in fact it’s McG himself lobbying for the gig. Could be any of the three.

I double checked with a few other industry insiders and after a few phone calls they confirmed of hearing his name circling Wonder Woman as well.

It would make sense. McG has had a hard-on to do a comic book movie for a while. Remember he was set to direct Superman until some last minute problems. He also wanted to do the DC/Vertigo’s Losers for some time but WB handed it over to Tim Story and last week announced that Sylvian White would in fact be bringing them to the big screen.

More to come on this I’m sure.