Starring: Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bobb’e J. Thompson

Directed by: David Wain

So I went into this film with meager expectations despite the promising cast and director (Stella’s David Wain) attached to the project.  Having expected mediocrity proved to be a blessing in disguise as I was overwhelmed with the amount of laughter that Role Models was able to produce from myself and the entire audience.  And I am speaking completely on a literal level.  There was a middle-aged man in the theater that was asked to leave because he was laughing so loudly.

That being said Role Model’s plot isn’t exactly anything original and is pretty predictable.  However, it makes no difference in regards to the overall entertainment value that is brought to the table.  Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott do their part as the aimless slackers that end up putting in community service at a mentor-ship program. They are outrageously hysterical at times. But it is without a doubt the supporting cast that carries this film into a comedic superiority that commands the title, ”best comedy of the year.”

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is back in the limelight for his sophomore role on the big screen. Since Superbad hit the scene in 2007 and made him the over-marketed superstar known as “McLovin,” I found it unrealistic that he would be able to step out of that persona and create another memorable role. Nothing could be further from the truth. He will easily have people remembering him at least the duration of the year as Augie the D&D loving nerd. While his similar dork-like antics are brought back to the table, the writing was able to provide an alternate way for him to portray his inner nerd.

By and large I would have to say the winner for most laugh-out-loud moments created goes to Bobb’e J. Thompson. The kid is twelve-years-old and is able to deliver comedic lines with an authority that could put Dave Chappelle to shame. And no, it isn’t the fact that he is twelve and uttering enough profanity to make any bible-hugger cringe. It’s the comedic timing that does the trick, and I for one find it amazing that at such a young age he is able to display such talent. This little guy has a ton of spark and wit, and without a doubt will become a comedic force as he reaches adulthood.

Plain and simple, I cannot recommend this movie enough. Role Models has a deadly combination of dick jokes and charm that will easily warrant a second theater viewing and immediate DVD/Blu-Ray purchases upon their release.  If you were let down by Zack and Miri last week, let Role Models re-instill your faith in the mainstream Hollywood comedy.

Grade: A