Recently, a IESB reader called  “Jack the Ripper” revealed some new on-set information about the opening scene of Guy Ritchie’s new film Sherlock Holmes.

I’ve got some information about how the film will open before the credits roll.

The movie starts off in London (of course) and the year is 1891 with a night time chase overlayed with a narration by Mr. Watson.

Watson describes London as the capital of the world full of criminals and villainy. Funny, it reminds me of Mos Eisley. He also explains who he is.

During a foot chase we are introduced to Sherlock Holmes. Holmes has a very dry sense of humour and is, just like in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books, very thorough in his observations.

The foot chase quickly goes underground into the sewer.

In the sewers, Holmes with the help of Mr. Watson gets himself in a fist fight with a bunch of bowler hat wearing, gun-totting thugs and also a 400lb, 7 foot giant…

The Ripper continues on with more details about the chase. For the most part I think this sounds a lot like what we’re expecting from the film. Lots of witty running around.

To hear the rest of The Rippers rant on Sherlock Holmes visit IESB.