Will Smith may be joining the Oldboy remake with Steven Spielberg. According to Varity “Spielberg had been looking for an opportunity to make a film with Smith.” Apparently they found a film to remake. The film will be based of Chan Wook-park’s 2003 film Oldboy, which is a story about a man that gets kidnapped and held in a shabby cell for 15 years without explanation. Suddenly, he’s released and mysteriously given everything he needs to get his revenge. All they’re waiting on now is a writer and approval for the rights.

Antonio Banderas is in talks to joing the cast Simon West’s Salvador Dali indie film. Apparently, he isn’t the only one talking about Dali right now. Variety reports: “At least two other Dali biopics are in the works: Al Pacino is attached to play the artist in ‘Dali & I: The Surreal Story,’ with Andrew Niccol directing; and ‘Twilight’s’ Robert Pattinson stars as Dali in the upcoming ‘Little Ashes,’ which chronicles the young life and loves of the painter as well as filmmaker Luis Bunuel and writer Federico Garcia Lorca.” Which Dali will win!

THR is reporting that Jonathan Lipnicki (aka little boy in Jerry Maguire) will star in the new psychological thriller, The Other Side of Innocence. The role is about “a damaged young man who becomes romantically involved with the unhappy daughter of the local chief detective while a serial killer is threatening their town.” Sounds like quite role! Lipnicki, now a high school senior at Agoura High in Los Angeles (Look at those check bones! When did that happen? Wow I feel old). The film was written by Robert Redlin (After Dark, My Sweet) and Devorah Cutler will direct.

Steve Carrell is in talks to play the lead role in, The Beaver, a script by first-time writer Kyle Killen according to THR. The fim is about “a man who walks around with a beaver puppet on his hand, treating it as something close to a human creature with human feelings.” (Lars and a Real Girl anyone?) Steve Carrell likes to jump between huge projects and awesome small ones. Could me amazing!