Well, this is ummm…cool? Perhaps more strange. They have greenlit a new full-on computer-animated Wizard of Oz to be released in the summer of 2010.They’re hired John Boorman (Deliverance and Excalibur) to direct the $25 million, CG-animated pic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. AND, apparently this film will be very different, mainly because it’s not a musical but based off a new adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s original novel, written by Boorman, Ron Mita and Jim McClain (Robots).

This is will be an absolute first for Boorman, who I have never really associated with the Wizard of Oz or animation. Some things fit. Tim Burton doing Alice in Wonderland, that makes sense. This one, I’m not so sure about.

The good thing is that he is a director with a very distinctive vision. The only way to successfully do a remake is to completely make it your own. Looks like he’s off to a good start with that, but we’ll see where is leads.

Why do you think he’s doing it? For the film or for something else?

Source: Variety