New to cinemas this weekend, is Role Models starring Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott in a comedy about two energy drink salesmen who trash a company truck and have to spend 150 hours in a mentorship program instead of going to jail. The film is directed by David Wain and written by David Wain and Paul Rudd. Is it worth you $10? Overall critics seem to think it’s formulaic, but funny enough to make it worth your time. Check out our review round-up and decide for yourself…

THR: Writer-director David Wain jumps effectively into the movie mainstream with “Role Models,” a comedy that retains a bit of the sensibility and many cast members familiar from his previous films but should have no problem connecting with a wider audience… It’s a self-improvement comedy that hits every beat on time. – By John DeFore

Variety: Laden with more than enough profane humor to warrant its R rating, this is nonetheless a formulaic crowd-pleaser…  But if the material has a formulaic feel and the dialogue often skews more rude than clever, “Role Models” nonetheless amuses throughout. That’s in large part due to the stars, whose roles very much play to their familiar comic strengths: Scott’s manic, borderline-demented party animalism and Rudd’s ability to knock a line out of the ballpark with a deadpan bunt. – By Dennis Harvey

CinemaBlend: In Role Models the Apatow gang collides with the less successful members of the cult comedy troupe known as The State, and the result is a movie with all the hilarity of an Apatow movie and all of the cold, lifeless disconnect which has kept The State from breaking into the mainstream... By the end, Role Models has given itself over almost entirely to Augie’s live action role playing, and the result is not only incredibly funny, but in a weird way a little inspiring. – By Josh Tyler

Village Voice: Rudd is an effortless comedian—deadpan, quick but not glib, never eager to please—whose signature moves (a grimace, a grin, a tilt of the head and a muttered one-liner that always sounds improvised) have been honed to perfection… And the climactic showdown… gives Role Models just the proper—nay, sir, heroic!—amount of dork. In every way, this is just another formulaic romp about two selfish slackers getting their priorities rearranged by a couple of kids—instead of breaking new ground, it polishes it with sandpaper. – By Robert Wilonsky

MSNBC: Rudd’s slow burn and deadpan have never been sharper, and it makes for a perfect contrast with the cheesy zest that Scott gives to Wheeler. Mintz-Plasse’s Augie might on the surface seem like a variation of his brilliant turn as McLovin in last year’s “Superbad,” but he’s called upon to go deeper and stranger here, which he pulls off perfectly… Kudos, too, to Lynch, for making what could have been a routine character into a wonderfully oddball creation. – By Alonso Duralde

Cinematical: …there’s a lasting sarcastic rapport between Rudd and Scott right from the get-go that makes the typical plot developments easier to stomach… even though these guys have already proven themselves capable of something far more subversive, the fact that they can prevent the same-old-same-old from being entirely laughless is itself a consolation that shouldn’t go ignored. – By William Goss