Justice: A Cross The Universe! (Not to be confused with last year’s Beatles tribute, Across the Universe) Co-directed by multi-award winning directors and intimate friends of the band, Romain Gavras (“Stress” director) and So-Me (“D.A.N.C.E.”, “DVNO”) is a 60-minute acid-trip of a documentary features French, grammy-nominated, electro-rock band, Justice, and their first US Tour.

This hoot of a piece epitomizes rock n’ roll in cinematic illustration – not simply as a genre, but as a lifestyle. From the blood-curdling screams of die-hard fans, to the ample supply of alcohol, women, and – oh yea, music – this edgy, uncensored documentary is guaranteed to make your blood rush.

The cinematography is artistic and raw, yet deft, making the mess of a story line (well, lack there of…) strangely engaging. The film is literally an arbitrary compilation of the people and events involved in the band’s tour. Various concerts, wedding’s in Vegas, sex on the tour bus, feeding aspirin to squirrels…you’re laughing, cringing, and jamming out for a solid hour. Justice fan or not, if you’ve got a taste for good music, and a great sense of humor, check this baby out.

The DVD and Live Audio CD for A Cross The Universe will be available in stores everywhere on December 9.


Live from the Screening: