Every once in a while you get a filmmaker/fan that takes things a little too far. Canadian filmmaker, Mark Twitchell, has been arrested and charged with first degree murder of a man named Johnny Brian Altinger, who he allegedly murdered in the same way his character murdered victims in his script.

Authorities were able to seize a script called “House of Cards” written by Twitchell which showed that his “film was about luring a fellow from the Internet, duct-taping him to a chair, killing him and cutting him.” Authorites have not found Altinger’s body but have found forensic evidence in Twitchell’s garage that could convict him of murder in the first degree. The script also gives information on how the killer forces victims to reveal login information which explains why randomly Altinger’s friends received a strange and unbelievable e-mail that he was headed to Costa Rica with a new woman.

Calgary Herald reported:

Lyla Amery received an e-mail sent to several of Altinger’s friends shortly after his disappearance. It bragged of a sudden trip to Costa Rica with a new woman — a claim Amery found suspicious.

“Johnny’s not the type of person to just up and take off. You can set your watch by him,” Amery said.

Police are also looking for another near victim that may have escaped from the garage a week before Altinger went missing.

Police are still looking for a man they believe was attacked at Twitchell’s garage a week before Altinger went missing. They believe the tan-skinned man, seen wearing a gold shirt and sporting a perm, showed up at the garage for a date with a woman, police said. Instead, witnesses said he was attacked by a man in a hockey mask. Police have since recovered the mask and believe it belongs to Twitchell.

Twitchell is also a huge Dexter fan, which people are now associating with the possible murder (I think is complete BS, but believe what you want). You can check out his MySpace here where he talks about his love for film-making.

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Source: Calgary Herald