‘Tis the sportiest of seasons. Yes, baseball is over, but the TV schedule is still jam-packed with football, basketball and hockey.  It’s enough to make sports fans salivate and their sports-challenged significant others cringe and hide the remote.  What’s a sports fan to do?  I say, do you really need to watch The Kings lose again when America’s Next Top Model is on?  (Did I type that out loud?)

Anyway, there is one sure fire way to get your honey to watch some form of sports with you.  Trick them by putting in a sports movie!  They’ll be so wrapped up in the plot they won’t even realize that someone on that screen is trying to put a ball/puck/fist in some sort of hole/net/face. Don’t worry, these have all been pre-approved by me.  I’ve sat through and enjoyed them all without even whining!

10. Kingpin (1996) Bowling

While it’s true that this movie is not short on the vulgarity, your girl will like it anyway.  (Give her a little credit, gah!) It’s funny and let’s face it, bowling is barely a sport.  This is a great Farrelly Brothers romp with a fantastic cast.  Randy Quaid is ridiculous as an Amish bowling savant and Bill Murray is the perfect bad guy.  Loves it.

9.  The Sandlot (1993) Baseball

Every guy I know secretly loves this movie and I truly believe even the most avid sports-hater in your life will be charmed by this flick.  The kids are adorable and the themes are sentimental, but somehow The Sandlot manages to be exciting and funny without being too heavy on the schmultz.  Your honey might shed a tear or two but they’ll accidentally swallow some baseball knowledge with their tears.  You’re so sneaky.

8.  Remember the Titans (2000) Football

You’ll laugh, someone will cry and you guys can wax philosophical about how creepy it is that Hayden Panettiere looks exactly the same 8 years later.  This film has the classic sports movie formula working for it and against it, but mainly for it. The fact that it’s based on a true story helps give it street cred. Denzel Washington is at his most comfortable best here as the coach of the first integrated sports team in Virginia.

7.  Miracle (2004) Hockey

Disney does hockey again, but this time it’s a true story.  By the time your girlfriend is done watching this, she will be proud to be an American again.  Kurt Russell shines as the coach of the U.S. Olympic Hockey team.  Another plus, you like hockey and your gal likes a movie with tons of young hot dudes, right?  It’s win-win.  How sporty is that?

6.  Rudy (1993) Football

I dare you not to love this movie!  Sean Astin stars as Rudy, the underdog Notre Dame fan who dreams of playing with the big boys.  This is my father’s favorite sports movie, as well as the only film about sports that my twenty-something female neighbor could remember the name of.  Seriously, anyone with a pulse would like this one.

5.  Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) NASCAR

Don’t mess with Ricky Bobby, y’all.  NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America.  But, to your non-sporty love, this is just a Will Ferrell movie that happens to have some cars in it.  Silly, funny and shamelessly white trash, this flick will make you want to do a kegstand.  John C. Reilly and Sacha Baron Cohen rock the party and Ferrell is brilliant as usual.  Shake and bake, baby!

4.  Rocky (1976) Boxing

This classic film has heart and chicks love heart.  While it is about boxing, Rocky is also about love and your sweetheart will definitely dig the love story between Sylvester Stallone and Talia Shire.  I’ve heard Rocky described as the ultimate guy movie but I think anyone can appreciate the tale of an underdog who fights to overcome odds.  Just in case, you might want to serve wine or cosmos with this one.

3.  Caddyshack (1980) Golf

Contrary to popular belief, girls love to watch Caddyshack, particularly when compared to watching actual golf!  Hey, there are funny guys (Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase) and what girl doesn’t love a cute little fuzzy animal?  It’s classic and silly but still funny, even after all these years.

2.  Hoosiers (1986) Basketball

Another true story, this time featuring a high school basketball team from (you guessed it) Indiana.  Gene Hackman is the coach who cares and Dennis Hopper turns in an Oscar-winning performance as his drunk assistant coach.  If this movie were not about sports, I would argue it’s a chick-flick because of the love story between Hackman and Barbara Hershey (Hello!  Beaches!) and the general tear-jerkerness.  She’ll heart it. Like, totally.

1.  Field of Dreams (1989) Baseball

This is it.  The perfect sports movie to watch with a non-sporty female because it’s like a baseball fairy tale.  There’s the fantasy aspect of the film to focus on, plus most ladies are okay with Kevin Costner. You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll get laid.  Yay.

Honorable Mention: Invincible (Mark Wahlberg is the epitome of chick friendly), Raging Bull, and Tin Cup.  Bonus Points for ya’ if you admit cheerleading is a sport and rent Bring It On for your ladyfriend.

*photo by ratterrell.