Quantum of Solace has been premiered already to the Brits! Damn them and their sneaky English accents. They appear to be so friendly and then they take Bond from you! Well I guess it was there’s first, but see if I care!

The premiere took place October 29th, in Odeon Leicester Square in London. The event was of course a star studded evening with attendance from the stars of the film to Prince Harry and Prince William. It was a truly royal affair.

Daniel Craig wore a bow tie, a red poppy (for remembrance), and of course a matching sling for his arm. I think that sling is beginning to just become a part of his wardrobe.

Dame Judi Dench showed up looking classic and gorgeous as always. Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton seemed to be competing for wildest dress. Check out more pictures below.

Olga’s (featured below left) has on a stunning red dress with what seems like hundreds of red bows coming out of the small of her back. Maybe if you untie them all you get to see the good underneath? Gemma’s dress (featured below right), makes her looks like she’s ready to walk onto a Vegas Bond set. I’m no fashion expert, but that dress is quite a statement. Good thing she’s got some damn fine legs to go with it.

For more pictures check out Variety.

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Film comes to LA in November 14th!