Variety has confirmed that Disney wants Wall-E to be nominated not only for “Best Animation” but also “Best Picture.” The film was a huge hit at the box office, it’s worldwide total is $469,708,128, making it one of the top grossing films of the year, and already the 10th top grossing animation ever (and the DVD hasn’t even been released). But does that warrant a “Best Picture” nomination?

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Should WALL-E be considered for "Best Picture" at the Academy Awards?

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Variety reports:

“…critics groups will likely slot the film in their animated category and focus on rewarding smaller fare. But bowing to pressure from the community, Disney and Pixar are going for it. I’ve got insider info: Variety’s running a Disney ad on Thursday that not only asks for Academy members’ consideration for Wall-E for best animated feature but for best picture as well. (Here’s the LAT’s look at the new Disney animation under John Lasseter, who cracked the whip on Disney’s upcoming Bolt, UPDATE and the NYT on big movies going for Oscar.) They’re going to put on a concerted marketing effort to push Wall-E with AMPAS, the guilds, critics, producers, the works.”