E! Online is reporting that everyone’s favorite sultry cat eyed beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones, 39 is up for the role of Cleopatra in the Steven Soderberg remake of a movie of the same name.  She won an Oscar for her role as Velma Kelly in “Chicago” so there is no uncertainty about her qualifications for starring in a musical or, according to E-Online, “a 3-D live-action, rock-musical extravaganza”.  That sounds a little more exciting to those of us who are turned off by the very word “musical”.

The Hollywood Reporter is buzzing that Hugh Jackman, 40 is being courted for another leading role in the film.  Possibly the part of Marc Antony (not to be confused with J-Lo’s husband Marc AntHony) or Julius Caesar.  He is no stranger to singing and dancing as he won a Tony for his role as gay singer/songwriter Peter Allen in the Broadway Musical “The Boy from Oz”.  I saw it and he was magnificent.  If he gets the part I’m definitely going to see it just for the star power of these two.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton starred in the original Cleopatra circa 1963.  Leonor Varela and Billy Zane play Cleopatra and Marc Antony in 1999 in the made-for-tv version.  Now its time to bring out the big guns of this era and make them sing!

Photos via blogs.abc.net.au, geocities.com