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Is it just me or did Alice and Wonderland personally ask to be remade by Tim Burton?  I must admit, I grew up with Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetle Juice and Edward Scissorhands so I may be biased but I think if this iconic story was ever going to be redone, he was going to have to be the one to do it.

But, the real news about this remake is that it is not only going to have Burton staples Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter but also, newly added, Crispin Glover!

Hopefully his behavior as the Knave of Hearts will be as entertaining as his 1987 interview with Letterman, which I have thoughtfully provided for your enjoyment after the jump.

He started young, appearing on things like Happy Days and Family Ties.  While he has never really had a leading role, he has managed to get into some pretty good movies such as Back to the Future, Rivers Edge and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?  Please do not judge him by this interview, just look forward to seeing him in Alice in Wonderland.