We’ve done a little (actually massive) MI6 like report on Quantum of Solace. We have everything you could possibly want to know about Quantum of Solace in one place. From posters, to HD trailers, to all the photos that have been released (and some that haven’t), fan sites, reviews and more. We also have clips which total nearly ten minutes of footage featuring some of the biggest action sequences in the film, as well dialogue with Gemma Arterton, Judi Dench, Olga Kurylenko, and even a few quips from Daniel Craig. We also have videos of interviews with everyone from the directors and the cast, to stuntmen and extras.  If we have missed anything send us a link [tips [at] screencrave.com] and we will add to the list.


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Video Clips

What Were you Expecting:

Hotel Explosion:

We’re Both Using Greed (Sexy Olga Dialogue Scene):

My Name is Fields (With the Darling Gemma):

I Need a Passport:

Boat Chase:

Vesper’s Boyfriend (Complete with Judi Dench):

Grand Finale! The Tunnel Car Chase:

Behind the Scenes Clips:

Marc Forster and Daniel Craig talk about the film:

Becoming a Bond Girl:

If you want to see more videos of behind the scenes, including interviews with the cast, the director, stuntmen, the line producers, the extras, and more, go here.