Awards are in the air and just like everything else right now, it’s not clear what the future for them will be. Three of the most likely Oscar films, have been postponed due to a busy December. The Road, The Soloist, and Defiance have all been pushed back to 2009, which would make them ineligible for the upcoming Oscars. Just when everyone was thinking that Daniel Craig (Defiance), Robert Downey Jr. (Soloist), Jamie Foxx (Soloist) and Viggo Mortensen (Road) would be a shoe in for the best actor spots, it looks like the field might be open to some other leading men.

“The whole race turned upside down in a matter of days,” one Oscar consultant said. “You have four potential best-actor candidates who are not just in limbo — they may be gone.”

Brad Pitt (Button), Mickey Rourke (Wrestler), Josh Brolin (W.), Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) and Sean Penn (Milk) all have films that are scheduled for release before the end of the year and are likely picks for Oscar nods. But then there’s also talk about some unlikely films that might be able to join the race due to others dropping out. Who ever thought that summer action blockbusters could ever be considered for an Oscar? Could The Dark Knight and Iron Man find their way to the Oscars?

Recently, The Dark Knight swept up the awards at Scream 2008. The film 21 nods, and won 12 of them, including Ultimate Scream Movie, Best Sequel, Best Hero and Villain, and Best F/X.

Then of course, there is the Heath Ledger buzz. Warner Bros. is officially campaigning for Heath Ledger to get a posthumous Best Supporting Actor nod for his performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight. Also on the uncommon Oscar nod list is Robert Downey Jr. for his supporting role in Tropic Thunder.

Looks like it will be a pretty unpredictable year.

What do you think? Which films and which actors should be up for Oscars this year?