For all you teenagers who were worried that you wouldn’t get your virgin sex comedy this year, relax.Complete with a badass muscle car, raunchy humor, blatant boob shots, and relevant Internet references, SexDrive has arrived just in time.

The plot of this (slightly stylized) homage to 80′s teen films is at the same time, both unimportant and equally summed up in the title. After a tempting offer from a cyberspace hottie, our young virgin hero Ian, (Josh Zuckerman) decides to drive halfway across the country to get his cherry popped. Accompanied by best friend and secret crush Felicia (Amanda Crew), and an eccentrically cool wisdom spouting buddy Lance (Clark Duke), the trio set off on a road trip that is chocked full and pranks, pitfalls, and life lessons.Even with material aimed at a  17 to 21 year old demographic audience, SexDrive is hard not to enjoy. Mainly because unlike some recent releases, this film actually accomplishes what it sets out to do.

The movie has likable characters, sticks to its story, and doesn’t go to far with the gross out humor. Some notable mention are as follows. First off to Seth Green, for if such a thing as a sarcastically intelligent Amish farmer exists, he plays it to a T. Also, Clark Duke who is mostly known for his role on TV’s Greek, pulls a complete 180 and is soon to have a lot more scripts headed his way. While I’m not sure what James Marsden is doing in this film, because I happen to know he’s 35, he convincingly chews through the scenery as Ian’s annoying and way to macho older brother. The inspiration clearly coming from Bill Paxton’s (Chet) from Weird Science.

While there’s nothing new to learn from viewing this teenage sex quest comedy, you won’t be disappointed. The gags work, the friendships seem honest, and for all you car fanatics out there, any scene that features a 1969 Pontiac GTO (The Judge) burning rubber is worth the price of admission. The film cant claim to be this generations American Pie, but there’s something relevant about a comedy that simply works; even if you have to pull it off with a guy who saves the day dressed up in a donut costume.