Looks like it’s a pretty good weekend to go to the movies. Oliver Stone’s film W. is coming out just weeks before the election. I’m sure everyone will be talking about it, seems like no matter what this film will stir up some controversy. Always fun. Max Payne is the end of summer video game, gone movie with a ton of actions sequences hopefully held together by a comprehendable plot, but we’ll see! The Secret Lives of Bees has been getting a lot of buzz (pun intended), it will either be a sappy crier or just sappy. Bring your tissues and hope for the best. Morning Light is a good documentary, it’s only problems is that it has a limited release and it hard to find. As for, Sex Drive, the name says it all. Teenager with an overactive sex drive trying to hump his Internet girlfriend. What Just Happened? is good if you’re going for drinks after and if you live in LA. If you don’t, it’s a bit of an inside joke, but has it’s moment and tends to provoke interesting discussions.

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