Oliver Stone’s new film W. hits theaters this weekend, just weeks shy of the election. Although this film was intentionally placed directly before even hits the voting booths, the goal of the film is not to scare people away from Republicans or further bash Bush. The movie is about how George Jr. grew into President George W. Bush, simple and plan. The results that it has on the election are completely unknown. Although Stone and Brolin both openly support the Democrats, the film was not made to slam Bush but to “humanize him” as Brolin says. Yes, they used many of W.’s “famous” (or are they “infamous”?) quotes, but those were all real and simply used to make this story relevant.

Below is a little clip with Oliver Stone, Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks, and more describing what inspired them to make the film and what they hope will become of it.

What do you think? Are they trying to humilate W. or shed some light on him?