“The Incredible Hulk”

Starring: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tim Roth

Written By: Zak Penn

Directed By: Louis Leterrier

In 2003, they made a movie out of everybody’s favorite big green superhero, except it sucked and nobody saw it. In 2008, they tried again. Again, nobody saw it, but at least it didn’t suck.

The 2008 installment of “The Incredible Hulk” is a great popcorn film. It takes not time getting started as we first discover Dr. Bruce Banner (Norton) hiding out in South America trying to find a cure for being the Hulk and hoping the government doesn’t track him down.

This all goes haywire, as one would imagine, as his blood makes its way into a bottle of soda from the plant at which he works. From this, we’re treated to a thrilling chase through some Brazilian streets as Maj. Emil Blonsky (Roth) and a team of commandos attempt to capture Banner under the direction of General Thaddeus Ross (Hurt). They’re unsuccessful as the Hulk emerges from Banner and he eventually decides to head to America in order to meet a scientist he thinks can cure him.

From there, he reconnects with ex-girlfriend Dr. Betty Ross (Tyler) stealing her from her fiancé very easily and engages in a campus-wide battle with Blonsky who’s begun to get treatment similar to that which had made Banner the Hulk. More action ensues from there, but the ending needn’t be spoiled.

As one would imagine, this movie is simply non-stop fun. We don’t get the deep introspection that is vogue in superhero movies these days. It’s eschewed in favor of quickly setting up action pieces, and the film proves there is nothing wrong with that approach because when the cast is great the actors can provide multi-level characters without having the plot beat its characters’ depth into our heads.

The result is an amusing brisk action film that gets the job done in less than two hours. This will never be hailed as a landmark of the comic book genre, but it certainly won’t be remembered as a dud like its predecessor.

Verdict: RENT IT

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The folks at Criterion always do a great job, and this week they’ve given their one-of-a-kind treatment to the Jack Lemmon classic “Missing”. Lemmon earned an Oscar nomination for his role as a father teaming with his missing son’s wife (the also-nominated Sissy Spacek) to learn his fate amidst the political turmoil of the Chilean coup of 1973.

The new Criterion edition features several video interviews with the cast and director as well as an interview with the author of the declassified documents detailing the true story behind the events of the film.


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This week, they reach even lower with the story of sleazy medical attorney who meets the first doctor he can’t sue in “RoboDoc”. Of course, that doctor happens to be a busty blonde, so you can imagine that her robobreasts will make several appearances in a film that features sitcom castoffs David Faustino and Alan Thicke.

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