The producers of Little Miss Sunshine” bring you another quirky comedy about yet another dysfunctional family, “Sunshine Cleaning” (Yes, it even has the word “sunshine” in its title). This film is likely to raise comparisons and possible complaints due to the surface parallels it shares with “Little Miss Sunshine,” though, the two are quite different.

“Sunshine Cleaning” is a film about Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams), a single mother trying to get her son into a better school. At a point of desperation, she convinces her sister, Norah (Emily Blunt), to join her in opening a crime-scene cleaning business. Clearly, the Lorkowski sisters never learned from their father Joe’s (Alan Arkin) mistakes and failures involving plotting ways to get rich quick. The business surprisingly grows, and the family grows closer along with it. What unfolds in this film is a new version of the old tale of a dysfunctional family growing close in an unconventional way.

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