There is a dark cloud looming over Hollywood. Films are all on hold. Many people who work in film are unable to get work. Just like during the WGA strike, the SAG strike effects much more than the actors. From PA’s to craft services, if there are no films running, there are no jobs. SAG has not even gone on strike and yet Hollywood in still on hold because of the possible threat. No one is willing to start a film that may be put on hold for months or may never get finished. Meanwhile, everyone is sitting on their hands wondering if the strike will begin, when the strike will begin, and how long it will last. It’s one thing to not be working because of a strike, it’s another thing to not be working because one might happen.

Should SAG Strike?

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SAG president Alan Rosenberg had a message for members Friday morning: Seeking strike authorization does not necessarily mean a strike. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

“It is important to note that if passed by a majority of the national board, the resolution does not call a strike,” the two wrote. “It only provides for a membership referendum to be conducted, which will take approximately 30-45 days.”

In response to the letter, the AMPTP said in a statement Friday: “SAG negotiators seem determined to force another unnecessary, harmful strike. Why else would SAG negotiators be unreasonably insisting, at a time of national economic collapse, on a better deal than the ones achieved by the other Hollywood Guilds much earlier this year, during much better economic times?”

SAG’s negotiating committee on Oct. 1 put the decision whether to ask the membership for a strike authorization in the hands of its national board. The negotiating committee had been authorized to implement a strike referendum with membership over the summer, but given the change on the national board and Hollywood board it decided to place the responsibility on the larger governing body.

So what do you think? Given the economic climate and the continuous hold that is being placed on people until things are settled. Vote up top!