Hmmm…what will it be? A little bit of Guy Ritchie’s latest film RocknRolla? It’s just like the rest of his movies, but different I guess. Or how about Quarantine, a horror film with zombish creatures shot Cloverfield style. There’s always the book, gone film City of Ember. It’s got Bill Murray and Tim Robbins! Personally, all you have to say to me is Russel Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in a spy/war film and I’m there. Body of Lies definitely is my pick of the week. Although Sally Hawkins has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz for Happy-Go-Lucky so that might be worth a gander. Nights and Weekends is your little, strong indie film, that if you have time and if you can find is a great date flick.

Trailer below…

Quarantine Trailer:

Body of Lies Trailer:

RocknRolla Trailer:

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Happy-Go-Lucky Trailer:

Nights and Weekends Trailer: