You know, going to the movies isn’t what it used to be. There’s traffic, parking, a $12 ticket, and a $7 cup of coke. Then with all the horror remakes out there, it’s hard to know when if it’s worth going out for or if you’re better off renting the DVD and sitting on your couch. Quarantine, a remake of the 1983 film Karatin, hits theaters today and before you spend the time and money check out some different reviews.

Variety: Predicated on the idea that whiplash pans, inconstant focusing and other faux cinema verite embellishments can refresh even the moldiest of zombie-movie tropes, “Quarantine” is a modestly inventive, sporadically exciting thriller that nonetheless proves too faithful to its central conceit for its own good. Based on the 2007 Spanish-produced “REC,” pic repeatedly sacrifices coherence, and undermines audience empathy, with its vertiginous shaky-cam approach. Poor word of mouth spread by discomforted ticketbuyers could hurt theatrical biz, but homevid viewers might bite. - Joe Leydon

ReelViews: The reason the term “remake” has developed a negative connotation isn’t because the re-imagination of a story in another era or for a different culture is inherently flawed but because so many of them are produced without any concern for intelligence or artistry. Quarantine is an English-language remake of the 2007 Spanish horror film [Rec]. While the films are in many ways similar (with certain shots and passages of dialogue being identical), Quarantine fails to correct some of the problems evident in its predecessor while also incorporating a few defects of its own. - James Berardinelli

FilmSchoolRejects: Sure, it’s a remake of a 2007 Spanish horror film, so in truth, Cloverfield was the rip-off movie (and arguably both borrow heavily from The Blair Witch Project). However, most of the movie going audience is going to see this movie as a knock-off of that J.J. Abrams giant monster movie. Still, rip-off or not, Quarantine is a great film for horror-philes to whet their appetites before Saw V comes out in a few weeks. – Kevin Carr

FilmCritic -This past August, the sensational Spanish thriller [REC] — as in the “record” button on a video camera — caused an uproar in New Zealand when one beleaguered audience member soiled themselves during a screening. Naturally, Tinseltown already had its version — relabeled Quarantine — ready to jump on such publicity. As found footage/first person POV style shockers go, it’s pretty good. You can leave your adult diapers at home, however. – Bill Gibron