Since when did vampires get so popular? And when did they want to love you instead of eat you? With “True Blood“, Let the Right One In, and now Twilight, I think someone in Hollywood approving these things must be a vampire. Really that is the only logical explanation.

The new trailer will be played before certain films starting tomorrow, Oct. 10, at the discretion of individual theatres. So if you’re crazy enough (and I totally believe you are, in a good way of course!), you can encourage your theatre of choice to play it. The trailer was meant to debut tonight in HD on the official Twilight website via the Twilight widget and launch on Myspace an hour later at 9 p.m. However, it looks like the widget might have been hacked. That sucks for Twilight, but is excellent for you, I’m sure.

Check out the final trailer for the film below:

Twilight, is coming to a theatre near you Nov. 21, 2008. But you knew that already.