We’re always hearing that, so and so made $25 million, or $16million for this and $18million for that. But who is actually the top paid actor? Johnny Depp has recently made a splash with his whopping $56 million payday for the new Pirates movies. But we all know Will Smith makes his money on the 4th of July weekend. But then again Bruce Willis has had a number of action flicks cash in at the box office. And Leonardo Dicaprio had Titantic and countless other amazing films. Let’s not forget our comedians, people pay to laugh.


Which actor makes the most money?

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1. If we consider money paid before AND after than Keanu Reeves holds the record of the highest paid actor of all time, with $194 million for both Matrix films, and 97 million per film. How did that happen? Reeves made $20 million plus 15% of the gross for the two Matrix sequels. Sometimes it’s pays to not get it all upfront.

2. Will Smith with $80 million, is our winner for the most paid money for all of his films over one year. He has had eight movies in a row eclipse $100 million at the box office. Frankly they know whatever they pay, he will get them there money back, plus a lot more in opening weekend alone. Recently he’s had I Am Legend and Hancock to push him to that number.

3. Johnny Depp with $72 million he’s almost at the top of the list: Although he’s number three on the overall list, Depp is actually the highest paid actor (up front) in film history for his upcoming reprisal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates 4 and 5. But as for the rest of the dough, let’s not forget about his upcoming roles in Alice in Wonderland and Film Ranger.

4. Eddie Murphy $55 million: You know all those family friendly films he did? Norbit, Shrek, and Dreamgirls? Well he didn’t do it for nothing! He managed to cash in and get an Academy Award nomination for the later.

4. Mike Myers $55 million: Due mostly to the success of the hit animated franchise Shrek. Although the Love Guru helped… a little.

And all our honorable mentions go to:

5. Leonardo DiCaprio – $45 million
6. Bruce Willis – $41 million
7. Ben Stiller – $40 million
8. Nicolas Cage – $31 million
9. Will Ferrell – $31 million
10. Adam Sandler – $30 million