The Watchmen makes a statement about the War on Terror? Apparently, the people involved in the film wanted to take the graphic novel out of it’s alternate 1985 era and place it in one where George W. Bush was in comman, so that they could turn the movie into a story about War on Terror.

***Warning their are some spoilers in the following*** reports:

Snyder said he had a meeting with the studio early on, where they shared their early “Hollywood” vision for the Watchmen movie. It would have been an updated George Bush-era film, where the Minutemen team had been hunting down terrorists. But Snyder’s love for Nixon’s Watchmen involvement brought him back to the table, asking Warner Brothers to trust him that 1985 is the right way to start the movie, and “maybe we should just leave it the way it is.”

he fight scenes are just as painstakingly crafted as the sets in Watchmen. With each blow (all to the tune of “Unforgettable”), you get a to the slow-mo pan out shot that honestly makes the whole thing much more enjoyable. Yet if this continues to happen throughout the entirety of the film I can see it getting tedious.

The fight continues, and you all know how it ends — bloody. Zack’s Watchmen is blooooody, but wonderfully so. With each drop of red this movie is setting itself apart from the one-liner superhero movies of yesterday and reminding us that these heroes can and will die. Even bits from the trailer of exploding soldiers in the Vietnam war that appeared to be shiny bursts (above) were replaced with dark blood from Dr. Manhattan’s victims. The same goes for the fight scene in the prison which we touched on earlier.

Cut to the opening credits playing the way too obvious and too long “The Times They Are A-Changin’” by Bob Dylan.

Read the full interview with Director Zack Snyder that followed here.

Looks like they’ve gone for not just another action movie. Although only time will tell. The film is set for releases March 6th 2009. Check out the trailer below.