Johnny Depp has signed onto Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and 5. There is a part of me that says that Depp, should never go back to Pirates… After all, Bloom and Knightley haven’t agreed to come back. Although, it’s different for Depp. For one thing, he is one of those rare actors that can do whatever he wants and you still respect him. And the other thing is Knightley and Bloom weren’t offered $56 million!

Think about that. 56 millions!?! I mean. Hang out on a beach. The character is ready to go minus a few tweaks. Shoot for a few months of your life and then you can do whatever the hell you want. How could you not?

So apparently I’ve found my price. But what’s yours?

How much would it take for you to sell your soul to Jerry Bruckheimer?

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