The Obama campaign is known for having a lot of support and a lot of sway in the entertainment community. You can watch Matt Damon’s Anti-Palin video, or Dustin Hoffman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Barry, and more do their voting ad, or the Yes We Can music video with MANY of your favorite celebrities, but now the campaign is taking to another level.

On, Monday, October 6th at noon the Obama campaign will be launching an online documentary about John McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five scandal. Many people are completely unaware of this scandal and instead of doing an ad or a bio piece like they normally would, they’ve decided go with with a documentary.

In a world of soundbites, they’re asking for your full attention to understand a situation. Do you think that is the right choice? Will people sit and listen? What do you think that says the Obama campaign thinks about voters?

Trailer and more info for the documentary after the jump…

The entire website and documentary are here: