With Bill Maher’s new film Religulous opening in theaters today, old questions have begun to arise in modern day TV programs. The media is supposed to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on, so how the hell can Sherri Shepard of “The View” be questioning whether or not the earth is round? How is this still even up for discussion? How are we still talking about this?

In 400 B.C India didn’t believe the earth was flat, in 200 B.C China knew the earth was round, in the 4th Century the Greeks came up with evidence, and in 1492 Columbus proved it to the Americas. So why the hell is this woman allowed to promote such ridiculousness on a popular morning show and get away with it?

Although Bill Maher can at times be a bit, well over the top, the man has a good point. Religion is running  our government and none of it is based on facts or reason. So I ask, how does having “faith” give someone an excuse for not knowing if the earth is round? Just because you’re religious doesn’t mean you have to be ignorant.

Perhaps I’m over reacting. Check out these clips and then let us know what you think.

My favorite part is…

Whoopi: Is the world flat?

Sherri: Is the world flat? I don’t know.

Whoopi: What do you think?

Sherri: I never thought about it Whoopi. Is the world flat? I never thought about it?

Barbara: You never thought whether the earth was round or flat?

Sherri: No, but I’ll tell you what I’ve thought about, how I’m going to feed my child…

Barbara: Well you can do both.

Of course Bill Maher had some clever come backs:

“She’s “the one who said the Earth isn’t round? First, we know it’s round because, like Sherri Shepherd, we can see it from space,” Maher quips.

“Secondly, to me this is child abuse. If you [can’t] tell your children if the Earth is flat or not … this is why this country is in such trouble. We’re bringing up ignorant children because they have ignorant parents.”

On Republican candidate John McCain, he says, “I’m amused when pundits say that McCain has to pick a running mate who’s younger than he is. You think? Who’s older?!”

And he even appeared on the show, although they just talked over him the entire time anyway…

So I have a question for you all and I’m truly afraid to ask.

Are you offended by Bill Maher's new film Religulous?

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Religulous, out in theaters October 3, 2008