OK seriously people. Stop protesting before you even know what the film is about! The National Federation of the Blind is stating that they believe that the film Blindness is offensive, and that it “portrays blind people as monsters …” A spokesman for the organization added, “We face a 70 percent unemployment rate and other social problems because people don’t think we can do anything, and this movie is not going to help … at all.”

The film is about a mysterious disease that suddenly takes over people and the social issues that ensue when the government and the people don’t know what to do. How the hell does this offend blind people? And how the hell would all these people know it offends blind people before the f-ing film comes out? Th film is not saying anything about people who are blind in the work place. The film is not stating that people who are blind are angry or mistempered. It’s saying something about what happens to people a epidemic wipes over a city and no one knows what to do and fear takes over. And if that doesn’t work, it’s a movie based on an imaginary circumstance taking place, that someone has made up to create an interesting story. For those of you in the back row, that means it’s NOT REAL!

So shut up and if you want, watch the first five minutes of the movie. I think it clearly shows that the this is a horror flick, not a film based on actual events or actual people and should be seen as so.