Before Jon Favreau became a hit for directing Iron Man, which is being released later this week, he was known for writing and starring in a little movie that is definitely archived as one my most favorite films to quote from: Swingers.

Swingers, a film about the musings of Mike (Favreau) and his inability to function after his 6 year relationship goes awry revived the swing scene with young crowds. With his pals by his side, including Frank, Dean and Sammy, Mike attempts to delve into the Los Angeles social scene and start a new life.

Favreau stopped by KCRW to take part in the station’s Guest DJ Project. In typical Swingers style, he chose a swing-only set and spoke to DJ Anne Litt about the artists that inspired him to write the movie. Here is a small glimpse into what the interview entails after the jump, which you can listen to here.

It was about 15 years ago and the lounge scene was just starting to kick in. There was something very magical about LA in that moment. And I remember I was living on the Franklin corridor, you know, sort of right across the street from the Scientology castle there and there was a little book store across the street that sold — and this was before you could download music, so it was a used CD store and a book store — and I walked in and I heard Frank Sinatra’s “Songs For Swinging Lovers.”

I had never been a Frank Sinatra fan, I had listened Frank, but it went from being a novelty to something I really liked. And one of the songs off that album — which I bought it immediately by the way, I said ‘what is that, in the changer? Do you have another copy, no?’ –  I bought the one right out of the changer. And I listened to that and the Capitol Records Collection of Frank Sinatra. One of the songs that really had a great swing to it was “It Happened in Monterey.” Because it starts off as a simple little song, and then by the end of it, it just builds momentum, it kicks in, and so then by the end, it just really crescendos.

Image via imdb