Hollywood Reporter states that Jack Black will be playing the role of Matt Damon in a live-action Bourne Indentity spin off by Kung Fu Panda writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. In the film, Black washes up on a dessert Island and somehow believes he was a spy. Could be funny?

Danielle Panabaker (Sky High, Mr. Brooks) will star in Chuck Russell’s upcoming sci-fi action film called Prodigy about an elite prep school. The story is based on Dave Kalstein’s book, about students becoming geniuses with the help of drugs and diets. Sounds like fun! Sounds a bit Cruel Intentions-ish, but I’m sure it’s got it’s own thing going. Afterall, kids and drugs, what’s not to love?

Michael Sheen
has two new roles, Sam Jackson’s Unthinkable, and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Both films deal with insanity but from VERY different viewpoints. Although, no one knows who he’s playing in either film. Maybe they’re keeping it a secret? Maybe nobody knows, he’ll just show up put on a hat and do his thing.

Source: Cinematical