I happen to be a fan of films that leave an aftertaste. The kind that don’t just stun and surprise me in the moment, with no kernel of truth to leave me thinking for days. If you are like me, and value films for their story line, their insight into the self or a world unknown, then the following films will surely move you. With the theme of love (or a lack of) in Nights and Weekends, to the life story of an icon of the LGBT community in Milk; this list appeals to a variety of tastes. Make a note of the release dates, and enjoy the trailers!

Nights And Weekends

Release Date: October 10th

The Secret Life of Bees

Release Date: October 17th

Local Color

Release Date: November 7th


Release Date: November 26th

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The trailer can be found here!

And finally, the one we just cannot get enough of…


Release Date: October 10th