Oh uh. What will American’s do if they think that they’re not the most important people in the world that have first dibs on anything and everything?

Well, we’re about to find out. This Bond franchise is breaking a number of traditions. Aside from the lack of “Bond. James Bond” they have just announced that they will releasing the new film Quantum of Solace in India TWO weeks before the US.

What!?! It’s like taking candy away from a spoiled toddler. It’s one thing that the the UK gets it a week before us, but India?

They’ve moved the releases date back to November 14th in the US, since Mr. Potter moved to summer 2009, but they are continuing to open the film on November 7th in India and October 31st in the UK (Halloween never really ever made it across the pond).

Since when does Hollywood come third? Sign of the times?