A lot of film’s to choose from. Don’t everyone run out to Nights in Rodanthe at once! And I know you’re all going to see Eagle Eye no matter what I say, so on with your bad selves. Personally, I think the two best films to choose from are Choke or The Lucky Ones. At least you’re assured good acting in both and with Choke you’re guaranteed a good story as well (Choke interviews here: Chuck Palahniuk, Clark Gregg, Sam Rockwell, and Brad William Henke). Smother with Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler looks like it might be a bit of fun. As for the rest of them, nothing really gets me too excited, what about you?

Here are this weeks movie releases with cast and crew information, reviews, ticket info, and trailers. Enjoy!

Miracle at St. Anna Trailer:


Choke Trailer:

Eagle Eye Trailer:

Nights in Rodanthe Trailer:

The Lucky Ones Trailer:

Humboldt County Trailer:

Forever Strong Trailer:

Smother Trailer:

Fireproof Trailer: