I Am Legend -1: Variety has just confirmed that the I Am Legend crew will be gearing up to make a prequel to the original film, which will cover the final days of humanity before Neville is left alone. If that one gets anywhere near the $584 million that the first one drug in than I’m sure that we’ll be seeing a what happened next where somehow Will Smith survived the ending of the first.

Pirates 4: They’re sure milking this one for everything it’s worth. I guess when they’ve made a total of $2,794,366,513, they just don’t feel like they’ve quite got everything they could. So, they’re doing another! Variety reports that Johnny Depp has finally agreed to a fourth film. Is there really anything left to cover?

Brett Ratner’s Batman: No Ratner will not be taking over the franchise. Nolan has made too much money for they to risk any changes. But Ratner recently told MTV that he would have liked a shot at the franchise and may think about making a Joker spin-off one day in the future. Dangerous territory.

Photo by Tracy O via Fllickr