That’s right, LA doesn’t have enough film festival’s so they’ve decided to start the first ever IRISH FILM FESTIVAL. They will be screening a newly formatted, never before seen, version of John Ford’s epic “The Iron Horse” as well as other amazing films made by Irishmen. Who would have thought!

A newly-formatted HD version of John Ford’s great silent epic-scale western shot in Nevada, THE IRON HORSE (1924) will screen on Sunday, October 5th, 2008 at 1:00pm at the Clarity Theater in Beverly Hills as part of the first Irish Film Festival of Los Angeles (Thursday, October 2 through Sunday, October 5).  Tickets are available on

The festival will also screen THE PRIDE directed by Gerard Hurley, which takes  place in a small Irish traveler (gypsy) community in up state New York on Friday, October  3rd at 4pm.  Mickey Reilly (Gerard Hurley) returns from prison determined to win back his estranged wife Sarah (Nancy McNulty).  After years of a complex bitter sweet relationship and an episode of domestic violence, Sarah struggles to leave with their new born daughter for a safer world.

The Clarity Theater is located at 100 N. Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills. $3 parking is available at the theater through the entrance on Crescent Drive (one block north of Wilshire).

For tickets and more details about the Los Angeles Irish Film Festival please visit