One of the greatest romance comedies of our time, 50 First Dates, is my pick for DVD Rental of the Week! Set on the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands, this film features Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore, a sweet girl suffering from a gnarly case of short-term memory loss. Meanwhile Adam Sandler plays womanizer Henry Roth, a man who falls head over heels for Lucy and goes to the greatest of lengths to find a place in her life. Because Lucy is unable to remember Henry’s romantic efforts, he is forced to step up his game a bazillion notches to get the girl. Seriously, homebody really does the cutest, most non-corny romantic shit of all time. Also, the Barrymore-Sandler duo is a hit reminiscent of their dope work together on The Wedding Singer. As usual, this Sandler film is full of laughs, life lessons, and memorable cameos, check it out!

Photo via: Amazon