The good thing is last week had so many great releases you could not have seen them all yet! (I’m working on my back-handed compliments, how is it going?) Although this week may look like slim pickings I have a feeling there are goodies that have yet to be exploited.

I would recommend Traitor, it definitely stands out among the rest as a solid film with two amazing actors leading it (featured right). Or maybe you prefer a western for those who love kung foo? Then check out Sukiyaki Western Django. There was no way Tarantino could resist that. Ballet Shoes has Emma Watson (Aka Hermione) and was released in 2007 as a TV film which makes me a bit nervous, but it definitely has potential! As for Babylon A.D., Disaster Movie, and College, I know they have built in audiences that will love them, they’re just not quite my thing.

So here they are, this week’s film releases with cast and crew information, reviews, show times and tickets, and trailers! Enjoy…

Disaster Movie Trailer:

Babylon A.D. Trailer:

Traitor Trailer:

College Trailer:

Sukiyaki Western Django Trailer:

Ballet Shoes Trailer: