Bring on the comedies! Big, small, bring them all! This weekend you have a TON of new comedies to choose from. From Hamlet 2 with Hamlet and… Jesus? The House Bunny with plenty slightly inappropriate and funny jokes. The Rocker, has Rainn Wilson as a washed up old drummer playing high school gigs. Done, sold. The Longshots, a story about a GIRL playing football, oh come now. For some educated/food humor I Served the King of England is getting great reviews. I.O.U.S.A., well the joke is kind of on us. I think this is a film everyone HAS to see. Sadly, only the people who already understand these problems will go see it, but one can still hope. Then out “serious” film of the week, Death Race, I’m sure you got some SERIOUS explosions in this.

So here they are, this week’s film releases with cast and crew information, reviews, showtimes and tickets, and trailers! Enjoy…

Hamlet 2 Trailer:

Death Race Trailer:

The House Bunny Trailer:

The Longshots Trailer:

The Rocker Trailer:

I.O.U.S.A. Trailer:

I Served the King of England Trailer: