Trust. Seduction. Betrayal.

Yes ladies and gentleman, I finally have an anti-love film for you. All members of the lonely heart’s club, listen up!

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s timeless masterpiece Othello, O conveys a contemporary twist on a captivating, old-school story. The young talents of the handsome Mekhi Phifer, Josh Hartnett, and Julia Stiles grace the screen for the duration of the 94 minute film. The film is set in an all-white boarding high school where Phifer’s character, Odin, plays the basketball star who is deeply in love with Desi (played by none other than our favorite Save the Last Dance star, Stiles).

Not only is Desi the apple of Odin’s eye, but she is the desire of a few others at school. To complete the love triangle, the conniving Hugo (played by Hartnett) creates a series of situations that lead Odin into a jealous rage. The intensity only escalates as the story unfolds, leading to a powerful ending. O will bring you on a wild ride from young love to grown-up envy, from some baller basketball scenes to disturbing sex scenes, from shirtless hot young actors to gunshots. Plus, it’s got a pretty nostalgic soundtrack. 90’s rap, haaaaaay!

Photo of Phifer via: Entertainment Weekly